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The owner of Landmarks Photography, Jay Arthur Stearns, began his career as a boy learning from his father, a legendary photographer best known for capturing the moment when three year old John F. Kennedy Jr. stepped forward and rendered a final salute to his father. 


Jay followed in his father's footsteps into the world of professional photography, capturing the most important moments in peoples lives: weddings, family portraits... all those fleeting, emotional, joyful expressions of life we all treasure. He learned from one of the best, and apprenticed with several other photographers, including Arthur Smiley, an elite member of Camera Craftsman.  Jay is carrying on in their traditions, in the same spirit of uncompromising dedication and passion for the profession.  Then 911 hit, a jet flew into the Pentagon and Jay was hired to photograph the aftermath for a commercial client finding himself, like his father, in the same spotlight of history.


From that point on, Landmarks Photography was launched and has continued to build strong relationships with commercial and aerial clients in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore metro areas. His love of photography is readily apparent in the powerfully creative, high impact images he creates.

Recruited by the Google Maps Street View team back in 2014 to help create 360 virtual reality tours for businesses, Jay has excelled in this space, and was recently awarded the role of lead photographer this spring with WAMATA's newest Metro Station View project.

Click here to see the prototype!   Metro Center Station  

Check out Jay's blog for some of the exciting stories behind the images and videos as we take on some pretty amazing projects this spring!  Here's to another LANDMARK year!

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